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Love in Action - Humility

Humility is occupying your God-given space in the world—not to overestimate yourself or your abilities, and to not underestimate them either.


Speaker: Renee King

Love in Action - Kindness

When we ask the Holy Spirit to produce in us kind hearts that overflow with kind words and kind actions no matter what situations we find ourselves, we open ourselves to His supernatural work.


Speaker: Renee King

Ships Sink

The Life and Story of John Harper, Faithful to the end. 


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Individually members of one another

God has formed the Body of Christ and Jesus is the Head of that Body. 


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Sowing into Eternity

God has given each one of us an invitation to join with what He is doing on earth. It's not just spiritual but practical.


Speaker: Renee King

God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Following Jesus is letting go of ones self-ambition and picking up Jesus ambition.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

A Divine Invitation - Living with Eternity in Mind

We have been given a heavenly mandate to live a life of faith and obedience to God. We are living for purpose much greater than what exists on earth.


Speaker: Renee King

Little Talent No Problem

God has gifted us but how are we using are Gifting. Check out this weeks message with Jonathan.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Praying out of Expectancy 

Praying with an attitude of expectancy in God refocuses my attention on what God is doing and His kingdom. It refocuses my attention on eternal things.


Speaker: Renee King

World Economy or Gods Economy 

Shifting our how to Who. 


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Spiritual Expectancy & the Tension of Waiting

Waiting in expectancy is not a passive activity, it's active dependence upon God and obedience to God.


Speaker: Renee King

Spiritual Expectancy vs Expectations

Expectations is putting hope in a certain outcome BUT Spiritual Expectancy is putting hope in a person named Jesus.


Speaker: Renee King

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