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What's In Your Backpack?

Evaluating what's in the backpack of our Lives, a message going through Romans 12.    


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Gideon - The Calling

​God promises Gideon, "I will be with you."


Speaker: Renee


Did you have a good Dad or maybe not? Our Earthly understanding of Father's fails to aid us in knowing just how good our Heavenly Father is?  


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Gideon - The Camels.

God is inviting us into His story.


Speaker: Renee King

Ordinary Rubber Bands

Sometimes we think we are just ordinary how could we possible do the things God is calling us too. But we serve an extraordinary God who does an extraordinary work in and through us.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

In the Lord's Prayer

In the Lord's Prayer, "your will be done" includes the idea that we are asking for God's purpose, pleasure, design and delight be done in us and our world as it is in heaven.


Speaker: Renee King

Spirit Soul and Body 1

We sometimes invite God to rescue us but he doesn't just want to be there when we really really need him he wants to be apart of every aspect and every day of our lives.



Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Deeper Message 4

This week we dive into the life of Joseph and recognize that God can use difficult times to position us for a greater purpose.



Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Deeper Message 3

Taking initiative in the leading of the Lord. While being flexible to adjust and pivot when life doesn't go as planned. 



Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Deeper Message 2

Is God wrathful towards you or did Jesus pay the price? Find out this week in message two of Jonathans Deeper series.



Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Deeper Message 1

When Squeezed what comes out? Check the launch of Jonathan's series Deeper.



Speaker: Jonathan Werner

The Woman, The Child & The Dragon Part 3

There is a dragon in the nativity but LOVE came down and conquered death and the dragon.



Speaker: Renee King

The Woman, The Child & The Dragon Part 1

A Picture of Christmas from Heaven’s Perspective.



Speaker: Renee King

Armor Bearer's

When we walk with one another we carry each others burden we don't know when God will position us to see great and mighty things. For we are all different functions of one Body.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

No more Bondage to this World

Diving into Galatians 4 we discover that we no longer need to be in bondage under the elements of this world in Jesus any longer.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Christ in You the Hope of Glory

 You in Christ is what Christ does for you. Christ in you is what Christ performs in you and through you, based on how much you let Him in to transform you.


Speaker: Renee King

We have a glorious Heritage in Jesus

Celebrating 60 years at The Bridge we are grateful for who Jesus is and who we are in Him. Ephesians 1:11 In-Context11 In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, 12 in order that we, who were the first to put our hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Thanks Living

Thanks Living is appreciating and living every moment fully in all our life’s circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:18). Thanks living is the mindset that no matter what, God is good, God is faithful, and His love endures forever.


Speaker: Renee King

God is Faithful Testimony

Jonathan shares Roxanne's and his Testimony.

(sorry some audio issues so a more congregation noise than normal) 


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Becoming Unoffendable

Jesus taught about offenses and offering forgiveness even for repeated daily offenses against us. The disciples hearing this asked the Lord to increase their faith. They needed to build a new way of seeing things – they needed a different perspective – the perspective of heaven.


Speaker: Renee King

Power of Forgiveness

When we hold onto hurts, we are keeping ourselves from the freedom that was paid for us on the cross. Unforgiveness hinders us from moving forward in life. With the Lord, there is grace to forgive. And because we have received God’s grace of forgiveness, by forgiving others we can shut the door to the opportunities where the devil wants to occupy.


Speaker: Renee King

Have You Ever Missed It

As we look into the last days of Jesus life on earth we evaluate how Peter denied Knowing Jesus to Preaching the first Gospel message of the new Church.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Where do you Stand

Gratitude is a powerful source that can impower you to have a healthy life. What does science and the Bible say about it.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner


A gentle person has something worth communicating or transferring to the heart of others, and they position themselves to do so.


Speaker: Renee King

Positioned where Jesus want's you to Be.

Jonathan Preaches through Mathew 14, Jesus walking on the Water.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner


In the feeding of the multitude, Jesus challenges both the compassion and the faith of the disciples. Yet He did not ask them to do anything to meet the need without also guiding them through what they need to do and providing for them – using what they already had. He does the same for us.


Speaker: Renee King


The Fathers Heart

Our heavenly Father had such a huge love for us that he sent his Son Jesus so we could be adopted into the family of God. 


Speaker: Jonathan Werner



becoming in experience, what you are in Christ. It's a fruit of the Spirit that equips you to go through things. It's the determination to be in it for the long haul knowing that Jesus is in it with you. 


Speaker: Renee King

Life and Death is in the Tongue.

What's coming out of our Mouth.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Ascension Sunday

The day the church celebrates together the enthronement of Jesus as the King of the World and allowing ourselves to partner with Him in His Kingdom Initiative.


Speaker: Renee King

The Beauty of Trust

Exploring the two interactions between Jesus and his mother, Mary, and responding to God's invitation to trust Him by noticing the beauty, the presence and faithfulness of God in our daily lives.


Speaker: Renee King

Love in Action - Humility

Humility is occupying your God-given space in the world—not to overestimate yourself or your abilities, and to not underestimate them either.


Speaker: Renee King

Love in Action - Kindness

When we ask the Holy Spirit to produce in us kind hearts that overflow with kind words and kind actions no matter what situations we find ourselves, we open ourselves to His supernatural work.


Speaker: Renee King

Ships Sink

The Life and Story of John Harper, Faithful to the end. 


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Individually members of one another

God has formed the Body of Christ and Jesus is the Head of that Body. 


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Sowing into Eternity

God has given each one of us an invitation to join with what He is doing on earth. It's not just spiritual but practical.


Speaker: Renee King

God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Following Jesus is letting go of ones self-ambition and picking up Jesus ambition.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

A Divine Invitation - Living with Eternity in Mind

We have been given a heavenly mandate to live a life of faith and obedience to God. We are living for purpose much greater than what exists on earth.


Speaker: Renee King

Little Talent No Problem

God has gifted us but how are we using are Gifting. Check out this weeks message with Jonathan.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Praying out of Expectancy 

Praying with an attitude of expectancy in God refocuses my attention on what God is doing and His kingdom. It refocuses my attention on eternal things.


Speaker: Renee King

World Economy or Gods Economy 

Shifting our how to Who. 


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Spiritual Expectancy & the Tension of Waiting

Waiting in expectancy is not a passive activity, it's active dependence upon God and obedience to God.


Speaker: Renee King

Spiritual Expectancy vs Expectations

Expectations is putting hope in a certain outcome BUT Spiritual Expectancy is putting hope in a person named Jesus.


Speaker: Renee King

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