The Bridge Presents a conversation with Sarah and Shiloh.


Speaker: Sarah & Shiloh

Easter Story 

Join us for the Easter Story. 


Speaker: Renee King

Jesus Enthroned 

Looking into the triumphant entrance we look at how Jesus is enthroned in our lives


Speaker: Jonathan Werner 


It's ALL about Relationship.

Check out this weeks message about Relationship with God from Renee King.


Speaker: Renee King

Growing like Children 

Jonathan preaches on trusting our father in heaven like children rely on there earthly Parents.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner 

Grow in Sweet Surrender

It is exchanging worldly rights for the GOODNESS of God! It is exchanging/surrendering our lives for HIS!


Speaker: Mark Gordon 

Being Formed or Stay on the Wheel

Renee Preaches on Jeremiah 1 The Potters Wheel.


Speaker: Renee King 

Grow in Flourishing Relationships

Mark Gordon Preaches on 5 Pillars for a Healthy Foundation.


Speaker: Mark Gordon

Growing in Love

As we look into 1 Corinthians 13 we evaluate what love is and what it looks like.


Speaker: Jonathan & Roxanne Werner

Crossing Over

Renee King dives into Joshua 3 as we look into a word on Crossing Over.


Speaker: Renee King


God often answers our prayers through seed form, it takes time to grow and you need to water and wait. Check out this week's message. 


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Grow in Expectation

Mark Gordon Preaches on Growing In Expectation. Don't miss this weeks Message.


Speaker: Mark Gordon

Work the Word

Renee King encourages us to Work the Word, Be faithful with the Word, and that God is not Limited! Check out this weeks message to see how Renee ties it all together.


Speaker: Renee King

Grow in Courage

Mark Preaches on Growing in Courage. Need Courage check out this week's message.


Speaker: Mark Gordon

Grow 2021

We are Better Together! check out this week message about how important the body is in our Growth.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

What to expect...

The Bridge is a relational model so everything we do is done around connection, our people are friendly and loving, our worship is expressive and authentic. We value children and create a safe place for them to grow and connect. We create an environment where you can come and be welcome no matter where you are at in your faith journey. Our prayer team is always ready to stand with you in times of need and pray. 


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