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Click through the Slides below to find out which Bridge Life Connect Groups to get involved with! 

Prayer moves us from where we are to whe

Bridge Life Ministries are internal activities of the Bridge community such as worship gatherings, small group connection times, prayer times, intentional discipleship and so on. It represents our faith journey together as we grow in the love of Jesus together.

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These are ministries to the community and world that were birthed at the Bridge and are under the governance of the Bridge, however, are lead by teams that have the blessing to run wherever the Lord may take them. In other words, there is no expectation that the ministry is only for the bridge but for the whole community. As a huge part of the vision, the Bridge desires to facilitate the vision that God has placed in peoples hearts.


Relationship Matters at Home provides families with essential keys to building healthy relationships that will enrich marriage and family life.

B-church is an incubator for multiple experimental expressions of intentional disciple-making community. We are exploring together what it means to go out into the world and make disciples of all nations. Instead of inviting people to come to a church environment that is culturally alien to most modern Canadians, we are planting micro churches and evangelism outposts in bars, community gardens, living rooms and coffee shops all over our city.


The Bridge Partners represent other organizations who have their own governance but are doing things that align with the Bridge mission and want to partner and collaborate in supporting each other's goals. These are organizations that the Bridge has built relational equity with and they are trusted partners.