Ordinary - Extraordinary

We dive into Mark 6, 30 to discover how God wants our ordinary to become extraordinary.



Speaker Jonathan Werner

Double Portion Living, God Centered Ambition.

Self-Centered Ambition Leads to Pride but God-Centered Ambition Lead to Humility. Join us as Mark leads us through Elisha's story.



Speaker Mark Gordon 

Mark Preaches on Confidence Crisis 

"We put too much on what we can do for God rather than who we are in God"



Speaker Mark Gordon 

Sarah Speaks on intimacy

Intimacy with God, keeping the spark alive. 



Speaker Sarah Marriott 

Jonathan preaches on the better promises

God wants us to walk in his fullness, walk-in his plan and to see His Kingdom advance in our world!



Speaker Jonathan Werner

The Bridge Presents! Niel from Family Foundations.

Niel Preaches on the power of Blessing!



Speaker Niel from Family Foundations

Hope Forward

Mark shares a message called Hope Forward! Delivering Hope for your future.



Speaker Mark Gordon 


Check out this week's message on Holiness "Holiness is an invitation to wholeness."



Speaker Mark Gordon 

Created To Conquer 

Check out this week's message on being called as Christians to be leaders in our Culture.



Speaker Jonathan Werner

Guest Speaker Steve Harmon


Is God in Total Control? Listen to this weeks message from Steve Harmon. 



Speaker Steve Harmon

Mark Preaches on Community 


God's Church is not Buildings but His People!  



Speaker Mark Gordon

Love Gods Mission PT2

Joseph found himself in many Locations and chose to put his hand to what is rather than worry about what was. Join us as we look to the account of Joseph and see how God used him and how he might be using us?



Speaker Jonathan Werner

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters


Mark speaks a message impowering the Church to reach there neighbors, being the very bridges Christ can use to transform them to the heart of God.



Speaker Mark Gordon

Week 8 of Summer Love " Love Gods Mission PT1"


 Jonathan Preaches about taking on the assignments God brings us to reach his mission through us.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Week 7 of Summer Love " Love God's Family"


Love Gods Family: We are all one family many buildings, many expressions but God Looks at us as one. Mark takes us through Ephesians showing us how God loves the whole Body.   


Speaker: Mark Gordon

Week 6 of Summer Love " Love God's Creation"


Les Preaches on Sitting On The Rock, as apart of our summer series Summer Love this week is Love God's Creation. 


Speaker: Les Dueck  

Week 5 of Summer Love " Love God's Blessings"


Finding the way to share Gods Blessings in our lives we discover how to unlock God's Kingdom.


Speaker: Mark Gordon  

Week 3 of Summer Love " Love Your Church Family"


Drew Speaks on Love your church Family 


Speaker: Drew Clifton 

Week 2 of Summer Love " Love Your Neighbor"


Jonathan speaks on Loving your Neighbor and how that happens through the outflow of our Love for God.  


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Mark Gordon speaks. 


Mark Launches our Summer Love Series "Love God" 


Speaker: Mark Gordon

Drew Clifton speaks. 


Drew outlines our faith walk through Peripheral – Novelty – Centrality - Totality of who God is in our lives. 


Speaker: Drew Clifton

Mark Gordon speaks. 


Mark delivers a word on The Sower, The Seed, and The Soils.


Speaker: Mark Gordon 

Alex Preaches on Pentecost. 


Alex delivers a Pentecost message for everyone. With the Power of Lego, he goes through the account in Acts 2. Don't miss this word.   


Speaker: Alex Marriott 

Jonathan Preaches on The relay race of ministry. 


Ministry can be like a relay race God puts Batons in our hands and you are called to run with them, sometimes for a season sometimes a lifetime. what batons has God put in your hand? 


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

 The Bridge Presents an interactive message Mark Gordon. 


Mark Preaches a fantastic Word with some fantastic helpers.


Speaker: Mark Gordon

 The Bridge Presents the testimony of Cody Bates


Cody Bates shares his testimony of redemption through Jesus. This powerful Testimony is an awesome representation of how awesome Gods love is.


Speaker: Cody Bates

Renee Delivers a Mothers Day Message  


Renee King delivers a Mothers day message about Gods Goodness is running after you!


Speaker: Renee King

Jonathan Preaches on Maturity  


Maturity is the key piece to unlock the blessings that God has already stored up for our lives. 


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Guest Speaker Jack Toth  


Jack Toth encourages us with who we are when there is a very real Christ in us. Diving into many different peoples encounters with Jesus he unravels how life is transformed through Jesus.  


Speaker: Jack Toth 

Mark Preaches an Easter message! 



Speaker: Mark Gordon

Jonathan speaks on the Triumphant Entry!


Do we see Jesus who he really is! Check out this message and be encouraged who Christ is.



Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Mark speaks about how Jesus Redeems 2 Redeem.


Looking into Mark 5 1-20, Mark shows us how Jesus love far surpassed just the chosen or accepted people, and reached to the lowest places and redeemed them to redeem others.



Speaker: Mark Gordon

Alex delivers a strong word on Jesus and his confrontation with religion.



Speaker: Alex Marriott

Mark preaches on The Sabbath Controversy - Life of Jesus series


The Sabbath Controversy - Are you for the Sabbath or is the Sabbath for you? Check out this weeks message.



Speaker: Mark Gordon

Jonathan speaks about ripping up the roof together.



Continuing in the life of Jesus series we dive into Luke 5, 17 - 39 Love is the heart of all that Christ taught and when we love each other God reveals Jesus through us.   



Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Drew Continues The Life of Jesus Series?

Continuing in the life of Jesus series Drew shares through personal stories how Jesus is wanting to move through us today.​



Speaker: Drew Clifton

Mark preaches on our we on Mission?


Message on going out into deeper water where the Fish are swimming. "Church is working too hard on empty catches and not hard enough on where the Fish are swimming." If you feel called more or don't feel like your living up to all that God has for your Life this is the message for you. Check it out 



Speaker: Mark Gordon

Join us for worship and stay tuned for the message with Jonathan Werner.

One real encounter with Jesus can transform our whole life that we no longer Live the same any longer




Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Join us for worship and stay tuned for the message with Mark Gordon.


Mark Gordon speaks on Jesus First. Looking at Jesus first disciple and miracle and what that looks like for us today.


Speaker: Mark Gordon

Join us for worship and stay tuned for the message with Marc Brisebois.


 Guest speaker Marc Brisebois preaches on becoming an open portal of the kingdom. 



Speaker: Marc Brisebois

Join us for worship and stay tuned for the message with Alex & Sarah.


A fantastic word on Jesus and how we are all refugees.



Speaker: Alex & Sarah Marriott