2018 was the Year of Breakthroughs

Breakthrough by Serving

Breakthrough with Generosity  

Breakthrough with Prayer

Based on Ephesians 1:17 

Drew with a unique message on Advent

Drew asks "What is our ultimate response to the advent" This is not your typical Christmas message!


Speaker: Drew Clifton

Mark Speaks on Girl Interrupted!

Continuing in our series “The Life of Jesus”, Pastor Mark speaks on Jesus through the Story of Mary and Joseph. 


Speaker: Mark Gordon

Mark Tells us about the Greatest Gift of All!

Mark begins the series 'The Life of Jesus' with a message called 'The Greatest Gift of All' He looks at how Jesus is a gift of Life to all and how we are to allow Him to manifest His gifts through our lives! How the gifts of the Spirit is the greatest gift we can share with others. 


Speaker: Mark Gordon

Kateryna Journeys through The Furious Longing of God

Kateryna takes us on a journey of Prayer and how God longs for us. We take a look at how groans are heard by God. She also presents a timely message about resting in God and how that often lacks in our relationship with God. Kateryna takes us through a practice called Lectio Divina. Listen to learn what that means.


Speaker: Kateryna Chutskoff

Alex walks through Church History


Why are there so many different church denominations and where did they come from? In this message Alex Marriott establishes a brief theology of the Church, and then summarizes nearly 2000 years of Church history through the lens of the perpetual reformation of the Church.

Speaker: Alex Marriott

Jonathan Shares About Embracing the Season God Has You In


Join us as Jonathan Werner shares on recognizing what season God might be using to propel you to His destiny for your life.

Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Brett Shares How to Respond Today?


In today's society, there is so much going on that is counter to what the Bible says. Brett walks us through how David responded in his day and how we can respond today.

Speaker: Brett Dobson

Mark Tells us Why Forgiveness?


Mark answers the question of why forgiveness is central to the gospel and why Jesus says Forgive to be Forgiven! We will explore the power of forgiveness and how it has the power to

Speaker: Mark Gordon

Jonathan shares about Following His direction not mine


We don't follow culture or feelings we are here to have real relationship with Jesus and walk with him through every season he directs us. 

Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Mark tells us why Jesus

Mark answers the question why Jesus is the only way to Heaven. Many people believe that there are many ways to God but the bible is clear that Jesus is the only way truth and life! Mark Breaks down why it can only be Jesus but how all are welcome to come to Him as the door that leads to internal life! 
Speaker: Mark Gordon

Drew tells us Who Holy Spirit is

Drew shares who the Holy Spirit is, What the Holy Spirit does and why He does it. It is a clear word on the ministry of the Holy Spirit you won't want to miss! 

Speaker: Drew Clifton

Renee King brings a Thankful Message

Renee speaks about staying thankful through adversity. God is bigger than any problem you face!

Speaker: Renee King

Alex Marriott and The BChurch Network

Alex dives into a new extension ministry starting at the Church, The BChurch Network. He relates this back into history with how Celtics Respread the Gospel using a new system of church that was uncommon at the time! 

Speaker: Alex Marriott

Walk this Way!


Mark Gordon talks about making the invisible visible! Making God known to your neighbours and friends can also help you find your place in his Kingdom. ​

Speaker: Mark Gordon

The Bridge Presents Jonathan Werner!

Jonathan challenges you to open your ears to what God has planned for you. Whether its to brighten someones day or while making big life-changing decisions. 

Speaker: Jonathan Werner

So I am a Christian... Now What?

God did not save you to sit in church and sing songs or to just listen to a preacher... He has a plan for you!
Mark Gordon talks about the three C's of your plan: Calling, consecration and commissioning.

Speaker: Mark Gordon

The Summer of Psalms - Psalms 29

​​Mark Gordon continues the Summer of Psalms series with Hearing God's Voice and Psalms 29.

Speaker: Mark Gordon

The Summer of Psalms - Psalms 22

​​​​​Michelle King continues the 'Summer of Psalms' series with Psalms 22. Michelle tells her story about hearing God's voice and about walking with him throughout her life.

Speaker: Michelle King

The Summer of Psalms - Psalms 27

The Summer of Psalms continues with Brett Dobson speaking about Psalms 27.

Speaker: Brett Dobson

The Summer of Psalms - Psalms 119

​​The Summer of Psalms continues with Drew Clifton speaking on the wonderful Psalms 119 and how it can relate to our lives today.

Speaker: Drew Clifton 

The Summer of Psalms - Wrestling with God

Mark Gordon begins a new series called "The Summer of Psalms". 
In this Sunday Message. 'Wrestling with God', Mark Gordon speaks on how wrestling with God provides a deeper connection with Him.

Speaker: Mark Gordon

The Importance of Fathers

Guest Speaker - John George Speaks on the importance of Fathers and the problems that arise from fatherless communities.

Speaker: John George 

God of Wonders: The Wonder of being a Good Neighbour

Alex Marriott concludes the 'God of Wonders' series with the Wonder of being a good neighbour!

Speaker: Alex Marriott

God of Wonders: The Wonder of Transformation

Drew Clifton continues the 'God of Wonders' series with the Wonder of Transformation.

Speaker: Drew Clifton 

God of Wonders: The Wonder of Salvation

​Mark Gordon continues the 'God of Wonders' series with the Wonder of Salvation.

Speaker: Mark Gordon

God of Wonders: The Wonder of Miracles 

Renee King continues the 'God of Wonders' series with an inspiring message on the Wonder of Miracles ​

Speaker: Renee King

God of Wonders: The Wonder of Creation

Alex Marriott continues the 'God of Wonders' series with a message on, The Wonder of Creation!  

Speaker: Alex Marriott

​God of Wonders: The Wonder of Worship
Mark Gordon Starts this series with a message on, The Wonder of Worship! We explore the need to return to be in awe of God in our Worship, to be captivated by his presence. 

Speaker: Mark Gordon

​Our Identity in Christ 
Guest Speaker: Darlene Unrau gives an inspiring message about Our identity in Christ

Speaker: Darlene Unrau

​Knowing God
Mark Gordon returns! 
A hope-filled message about how knowing God is not just knowing ABOUT God it is about EXPERIENCING God

Speaker: Mark Gordon

​Three Areas of Calling 
Guest Speaker: Stan Powers speaks about 1 Corinthians 14 describes the three areas of each persons calling: Chrism, Charisma and Character.  

Speaker: Stan Powers

An Easter Message 
Drew Clifton shares an Easter message about God's grace and goodness. 

Speaker: Drew Clifton

​Bushwhacked- Rescued to Rescue 
Mark Gordon Speaks: Bushwhacked- Rescued to Rescue. When God surprises you with a calling when you least expect it.

Speaker: Mark Gordon

Youth For Christ
Guest Speaker Carmen Remple shares an inspirational message about Youth for Christ. 

Speaker: Carmen Remple

Your Breakthrough is Calling 
A one point message from Alex. Breakthrough starts with a revelation of your calling! 

Speaker: Alex Marriott

Faith vs. Beliefs 
A belief system can't save anyone or heal anyone or protect anyone; we can only do what He calls us to do when we are doing it through Him. So what are you standing on? What is your faith built on? 

Speaker: Gloria Helfrick

Unlocking Revelation 
(Revelation Series Pt.2)
God's illuminating
wisdomandunderstandingunlocks Revelation.

Speaker: Mark Gordon

Breaking the Glass Ceiling
We want to get past the fear and move into faith. Finding out the truth of God consistently through persistence. 

Speakers: Daniel/Renee King

How to Have Breakthrough 
(Revelation Series Pt.1)
Breakthrough starts with revelation, continues with an agreement and is experienced through ongoing alignment. 

Speaker: Mark Gordon

What to expect...

The Bridge is a relational model so everything we do is done around connection, our people are friendly and loving, our worship is expressive and authentic. We value children and create a safe place for them to grow and connect. We create an environment where you can come and be welcome no matter where you are at in your faith journey. Our prayer team is always ready to stand with you in times of need and pray. 


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