Renee Speaks out of Habakkuk and encourages us that the just live by faith.


Speaker: Renee King

 The Bridge Presents! Sarah Marriott

An encouraging and inciteful look into Gods Word that encourages us in the times we find ourselves in today.


Speaker: Sarah Marriott

Dangerous Church 


Jonathan preaches about seeking and speaking Jesus this season.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Power Up


Mark Gordon preaches on Acts 2 and Powering Up in The Holy Spirit. 


Speaker: Mark Gordon

God Is Able


Mark Gordon preaches on how God is able to lead us through the paths of crises in our lives. Don't miss out on this weeks message centered in Psalms 33.


Speaker: Mark Gordon



Check out this timely word to Revive.


Speaker: Renee King 

Courts of Heaven Part 2

Check out part 2 of Courts of Heaven as Mark Gordon continues from his last message.


Speaker: Mark Gordon 

Make room for your miracle.

Renee Preaches on making room for your miracle. Check out this weeks message.


Speaker: Renee King 

Courts of Heaven

Mark preaches out of Daniel 7 revealing to us the Courts of Heaven.


Speaker: Mark Gordon

Too many Donkeys 

Jonathan speaks on Balaam and his Talking Donkey.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Cause and Effect 

Mark preaches a practical message on Cause & Effect don't miss this word that challenges the status quo in our lives.


Speaker: Mark Gordon 


Happy Thanksgiving listen to this word from Renee on Gratitude.  


Speaker: Renee King 

 Spiritual Weapons

Jonathan preaches on Paul and Silas as we look into some of the spiritual weapons God has given us.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

What do you see in the Mirror.  

Jonathan preaches out of 2 Corinthians 5 16 Therefore from now on we recognize no one according to the flesh.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Embrace the Fire ''Part 2"

What is, Comes after the refiners fire has done it's work. Living Stones.


Speaker:  Mark Gordon

Embrace the Fire

Mark Gordon Preaches, Its is only in a fire that you can see the true condition of your heart.


Speaker:  Mark Gordon

Jumping out of the Kayak. 

Jonathan Preaches on Mathew 14, 22.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Be Strong and Courageous

"Be Bold! Be Strong! For the Lord our God is with us!"


Speaker:  Renee King 


Mark Gordon Preaches how we are Sent!


Speaker:  Mark Gordon

A Fridge can Determine your Maturity. 

God desires to draw us to maturity and will allow us to get Hungry until we are willing to eat. "We often ask God to do things He sent us to do."


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Be Strong and Courageous

"Be Bold! Be Strong! For the Lord our God is with us!"


Speaker:  Mark Gordon

Wait On The Lord

Renee Preaches that waiting on the Lord is not passive but in fact active.


Speaker: Renee King

True Worship

Roxanne & Jonathan share how True Worship is giving our bodies as Living Sacrifices. Letting our minds be transformed through the Word of God so we can learn to know Gods will for our Lives.


Speaker: Roxanne & Jonathan Werner

The Rising

The Rising! Time to Rise up Church. Mark Preaches about the Church rising up through Crises.


Speaker: Mark Gordon

Not for Me with Me.

 Jonathan preaches on our Identity in Christ how God wants us to walk with him not to just do things for him.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Leaning on God

Michelle Preaches on Leaning on God. Don't miss this Word of encouragement through testimony and scripture.    


Speaker: Michelle King

Spirit of Wisdom & Understanding

Renee King preaches through Scripture and Stories about having a Spirit of Wisdom & Understanding.


Speaker: Renee King 

 Love is the Answer

Mark Gordon speaks on how Love is the Answer through practical stories and a glimpse into the parable of The Good Samaritan.


Speaker: Mark Gordon

How do we build up or out? 

Jonathan preaches on Mathew 7. Do the Fathers will and build on the Rock.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Follow Jesus by devoting your one Life to the Kingdom

Kateryna Shares about following Jesus by devoting your one life to the Kingdom.


Speaker: Kateryna 

Fully Convinced

Mark Gordon preaches a message on being Fully Convinced as Abraham was. That everyone who believes is made right in Gods sight. We are made right by placing our faith in Jesus Christ.


Speaker: Mark Gordon

Sabbath Rest

Alex Marriott Preaches on Sabbath Rest.  


Speaker: Alex Marriot

Caleb's Faith

Looking at the 12 spies we see how faith sustained Caleb into the promise but doubt robbed the promise from the ten spies who doubted. 


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

God meet people at the point of there deepest desire.

Renee King preaches about God meeting people at the point of there deepest desire. Don't miss out on this incredible message.


Speaker: Renee King 

Following Jesus through the Valley

Mark Preaches on Following Jesus through the valley. In this word Mark Goes through how Jesus gives us all we need. How to check where our gaze set, and how our circumstances change when we declare the word.


Speaker: Mark Gordon

Growing Through Crisis

Mark Preaches on how to Growing Through Crisis check out this week message.


Speaker: Mark Gordon

The Power of Resurrection is with you.

He has risen and his power is with you. Check out this week's message as Jonathan dives into Luke 24.


Speaker: Jonathan Werner

Marriott Family Table Talk

Marriott Family Table Talk is surrounded around navigating family life as believers. Tips, Tricks and Insights from the whole Family.


Speaker: Marriott Family 

3 for 30


This week we have 3 Messages for 30 min we have given each speaker 10min. Check out these three mini messages as they share what the Holy Spirit has been speaking to them.


Spirit Life Part 2

Mark speaks about living life out of out spirits instead of our souls, so that we can live the abundant life Jesus promised.


Speaker: Mark Gordon

Spirit Life Part 1

Mark dives into the power we have as believers check out part 1 of Spirit Life.


Speaker: Mark Gordon

Gods Love for us

Renee Preaches on Gods love for us through the Song of Solomon.



Speaker: Renee King

Do we need Revival!

Are we lacking what we need to see our cities transformed, Is God holding back? Or is he calling us to follow him?



Speaker: Jonathan Werner 

Love not Like!

Jonathan preaches on how we are called to love one another but that can be difficult when there are barriers in our lives.



Speaker: Jonathan Werner 

Dunamis Power

Mark Preaches about how the Holy Spirit guides your life and produces fruit in us.



Speaker: Mark Gordon 

Connect, Collaborate, and Commission.

Jonathan preaches on three ways Jesus walked out his ministry with people.



Speaker Jonathan Werner

Hearing Gods Voice

Renee King Speaks on the different ways we hear God's Voice and how to identify how we process what he is speaking.


Speaker: Renee King


Mark Preaches on the Year of Engagement! To Launch us into 2020.


Speaker: Mark Gordon

What to expect...

The Bridge is a relational model so everything we do is done around connection, our people are friendly and loving, our worship is expressive and authentic. We value children and create a safe place for them to grow and connect. We create an environment where you can come and be welcome no matter where you are at in your faith journey. Our prayer team is always ready to stand with you in times of need and pray. 


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