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About Us

Jesus' words were very clear, to love God with all we are and to love people the same, this is our highest goal as a community. The work of the Bridge community, the story it weaves will be one of continual transformation in Christ and reconciliation to one another as we grow in His love. Through all of our endeavours from events and gatherings to conversations over coffee, our purpose is to journey together toward God, experiencing community creating a bridge to wholeness allowing God's love to complete us.


To be a Community of Faith, building authentic relationships. With Jesus, with each other and with our community


To Establish people in the love of Jesus, empowering them to live out His purposes.


The Bridge is a family model so everything we do is done around connection, our people are friendly and loving, our worship is expressive and authentic. We value children and create a safe place for them to grow and connect. We create an environment where you can come and be welcome no matter where you are at in your faith journey. Our prayer team is always ready to stand with you in times of need and pray. 


WORSHIP is simply putting God first in everything they do. Healthy churches help people worship God through every area of their lives, every day of the week. We do everything for God’s glory!


RELATIONSHIP is core to the body of Christ. We are all adopted sons and daughters in the family of God. A relationship is both the method and the goal of evangelism.


DISCIPLESHIP is the heart of the Great Commission. We were created to become like Christ. Just as “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17), we believe that discipleship is best-done person to person - life on life.


A MISSIONAL church is a community of God's people that organizes its life around being an agent of God’s mission to the world. In other words, the church's true and authentic organizing principle is mission.

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